Before the Doctor Killed His Family

The disturbing evil behind the charred bodies of a mother, a daughter, and a son at a doctor’s house

Lioness Rue


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The Gruesome Scene

Luc arrived at the Romands' home to a gruesome scene.

A coat covered Florence’s charred body. Florence was being carried out of the house.

Caroline and Antoine’s burned bodies were placed in body bags.

Jean-Claude was unconscious. He was being transported out of the house to the ambulance.

Luc worried for his best friend and prayed for him to remain unconscious for a while so that he wouldn’t have to see how his dear family had perished, leaving him all alone.


This story begins with Aimé Romand, who was a Second World War prisoner for years before he managed to return home.

Upon his return, Aimé married Anne-Marie. The newlyweds settled in Clairvaux-les-Lacs, a small village in Jura, France.

Aimé began running his father’s timber company while Anne-Marie was a housewife.

Aimé was a stubborn man who seldom heeded anyone’s advice. Anne-Marie battled with poor health, so she didn’t have the energy to fight her husband…



Lioness Rue

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