He Was So Worried About Dying to the Extent That He Spent All His Time Building a Death Trap

The tragic case of Askia Khafra

Lioness Rue


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Daniel lived alone in his childhood home in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

He was always extremely afraid of death from a very young age.

The fact that he lost his mother to cancer made it worse. Daniel’s father was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease shortly after.

Daniel watched as his father withered away in front of his eyes.

So, Daniel took all the precautions against death that he could. He removed every mole from his body.

And he hired contractors to dig out massive tunnels underneath his basement.

Askia Completely Idolized Daniel

Askia Khafra was a nineteen-year-old boy who was greatly inspired by Daniel Beckwitt.

Askia was Daniel’s follower on a website called Blab.

Askia longed to be successful and rich. And Daniel was already a multimillionaire.

Askia was from a middle-class home and the son of immigrants from Trinidad.

Askia received a $100,000 settlement for a lead poisoning case when he was eighteen years old. And he got to…



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