The Brothers Lured Women to Their Huge Parties, Then the Women Ended Up in Gelatin, and Human and Pig Stomachs

The Vancouver tragedy

Lioness Rue
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Robert was pissed off at himself.

Up to that point, he had managed to get rid of his victims using some unbelievable ways.

For instance, his victims ended up in a rendering plant where they’d be turned into gelatin. Or they ended up as pig food or sausages.

But this time, he was sloppy.

His actions had finally caught up with him.

Robert: They got me….they got me on this one.

Undercover agent: I find the best way to dispose of a body is to take it to the ocean.

Robert: I did better than that. A rendering plant…I was gonna do one more, make it an even fifty.

That’s why I was so sloppy…

I’d fill the syringes up with antifreeze and inject the stuff. You’re dead in about five to ten minutes.

Women From Vancouver Started Vanishing In Huge Numbers

The people from the downtown east side of Vancouver, Canada, noticed that women were disappearing in droves.

But no one reported these disappearances.

The people there had a general distrust of the police. However, more and more women disappeared by the day.

Rumors of a serial killer operating in that area started circulating.

The people of Vancouver finally contacted the police when more women continued to go missing at a rapid rate.

But the police believed that the missing women were to blame. Most of these women were sex workers or drug addicts.

So the police believed that those women either ran away or overdosed.

Also, there were no dead bodies found for the police suspect that there was foul play involved.

A Man Heard a Frantic Knock on His Front Door

One year later, a man heard a knock on his door.



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