The Good Father Who Married a Narcissistic Youtuber and Ended Up With Blood on His Face

The tragic case of Ernie Ibarra Jr

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It was in the early morning.

The police received a call from a woman who was attempting to untie a tied-up woman as she made the call.

Dispatcher: Titus County 911. What’s your emergency?

Ginger Kesterson: I have a home invasion. My niece is tied up.

Dispatcher: She’s tied up?

Ginger Kesterson: She is tied up and gagged.

The tied woman later stated;

“I went downstairs, and his face was covered in blood.”

Ernie Was Twenty-Nine

Ernie Ibarra Jr was a twenty-nine-year-old from Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA.

Ernie was a shy, quiet, and introverted man interested in online gaming and reading.

As he grew up, Ernie would get in trouble for overreading. He often got lost in books to the extent of not sleeping the whole night.

His love for computers led him to pursue courses in technology in college.

Then Ernie landed a job as a computer programmer.

Ernie then met Samantha on Facebook in 2007.

Samantha Wohlford was born in Texas. And she always dreamed of becoming a famous actress.

But Samantha had her first set of twins at the age of nineteen. And the father left Samantha alone to raise her twins as a single mother.

Samantha had little income and struggled to make ends meet.

So, Samantha started a YouTube channel.

Ernie and Samantha Met up

Ernie Ibarra Jr — image from Abby Mamasaurus Ibarra/ Facebook

Ernie and Samantha finally decided to meet in person.

The two hit it off. Samantha introduced her kids to Ernie, and he genuinely fell in love with the twins.



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