The Mother and Her Daughter Checked Into a Hotel in Bali Then a Bloody Body Was Stuffed Into A Suitcase

The tragic case of Sheila von Wiese

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Note: This is a case full of confusing confessions. Reader discretion is advised.

It was approaching the dark hours of the day.

The police received a disturbing phone call from a taxi driver. The driver informed the police about something that was left in his car.

There was a suitcase containing a woman. She was almost entirely naked, mutilated, and drenched in blood.

The police retrieved messages that were exchanged six months earlier.

“So that b**** Heather is crazy huh. She asked me to do something really insane…

She asked me to find someone to kill her mom for 50k.”

Sheila Was a Sixty-Two-Year-Old Woman

Sheila von Wiese was a sixty-two-year-old mother from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

She was a highly cultured woman.

Sheila’s husband, James L. Mack, was a jazz musician and composer.

James had children from previous relationships. And he was controlling and manipulative. So, his first wife, Kimberly, left him.

And she took her daughters with her.

On the other hand, Sheila longed to have children of her own with James. She fell pregnant with a baby girl in her early forties.

The couple named her Lois Heather Mack.

Heather was the couple’s only child.

Sheila provided Heather with the best of everything. Both Sheila and James loved Heather to bits.

Heather Was a Troubled Child

James L. Mack (center), his wife Sheila von Wiese (right), and their child Lois Heather Mack (left) — image from True Crime Daily

Heather found ways to cause trouble even though she was the center of her parents’ universe.

The family lived in a large, beautiful home in Oak Park, Chicago.



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