The Parents’ Daughter Snuck Out at Midnight Through the Window, Then She Was Stabbed Until Her Neck Stopped Making Gurgling Sounds

The tragic case of Skylar Neese

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Skylar Neese — image from lavanguardia

David got back from work early in the afternoon. He discovered that his daughter, Skylar, was still in her bed sleeping.

So he stormed into Skylar’s room.

Then David noticed that Skylar’s window was slightly open. And there was a bench right beneath it.

David immediately knew that his daughter had snuck out.

He called 911.

Dispatcher: 911. Do you have an emergency?

David: I have a 16 year old daughter who apparently snuck out of her room last night. She has not been home, hasn’t gone to work. I can’t get a hold of her from any of her friends. I am scared to death.

Dispatcher: What’s her name?

David: Skylar Neese.

Dispatcher: Has she done this before?

David: No.

Skylar’s killer would later confess to stabbing Skylar until her neck stopped making gurgling sounds.

Skylar Was a Sixteen-Year-Old Teenager

Skylar Annette Neese was a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore from Morgantown, West Virginia.

She was a straight A student.

Skylar worked part-time at Wendy’s. She was well-liked by her peers and her co-workers.

Most knew her as the sweet young girl who loved animals.

Skylar’s parents, Mary and David Neese, absolutely adored her. They spoiled their daughter rotten.

Skylar Met Shelia at a Neighborhood Shack House

Skylar met Shelia Eddy when they were young at a neighborhood shack house.

The two girls immediately became best friends.

They became inseparable despite the fact that they had different personalities.

Shelia was very outgoing, wild, and rebellious. Skylar was more on the conservative side.



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