The Sisters Got Into an Incestuous Sexual Addiction With Each Other, Then Human Eyeballs Laid on a Staircase

The Tragedy of the Lancelins

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PS. The following case was considered a symbol of the significant class struggles during the 1900s in France.

Monsieur René walked through his front door.

The bodies of his wife and his daughter lay lifeless on the floor. And they had been gruesomely mutilated.

Upon closer inspection, Monsieur René noticed that both Madame Léonie and Genevieve didn’t have eyeballs.

Madame Léonie’s eyes were wrapped in a scarf around her neck. Genevieve’s eyes laid on the stairs looking directly at Monsieur René.

The Lancelins Were a Well-off Family

The Lancelin family was a wealthy, envied, and well-respected family from Le Mans, France.

The father, Monsieur René Lancelin, was a retired lawyer.

The mother, Madame Léonie Lancelin, enjoyed a fancy lifestyle full of shopping and glamour.

Monsieur René and Madame Léonie had two daughters together. The firstborn was married, and she lived with her husband. The younger one, Genevieve, lived with them.

In 1926, the Lancelins hired a live-in maid.

Her name was Christine Papin.

The family really loved Christine to the extent that they also hired her sister, Léa. Christine and Léa were treated very well by the Lancelin family.

They ate good food, which was unlike other servants of that time.

The Lancelins also provided them with nice clothes to wear and a beautiful shared bedroom.

The only downside of working for the Lancelin family was that the sisters had a lot of responsibilities. They spent more than twelve hours a day cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

They had no off day except on Sunday when they had to go to church.

The Lancelin Family Wanted to Go to A Party

Monsieur René, Madame Léonie, and Genevieve planned to attend an elite party in their hometown on the…



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