The TikTok Star Freaked Out After Finding His Wife With Another Man Then Shed Blood

The tragic case of Ana Abulaban

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Ali and Ana Abulaban. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/

It was in the late afternoon.

The police received phone calls from concerned neighbors. The neighbors alerted the police about something that they had heard.

Ana’s screams were followed by gunshots, then more gunshots.

Ana’s husband later stated,

“I was freaking out. Oh my God. I caught her…there’s a man, and then I hear R&B music…I’m like, don’t have sex, Ana.”

Ana Lived in San Diego

Ana Marie Abulaban was a beautiful twenty-eight-year-old woman from San Diego, California.

She was charming, intelligent, and down to earth.

Ana was beautiful inside and out.

She was originally born in Okinawa, Japan, to Filipino parents. Her father worked at a US military base in Japan.

Ana’s life, already perfect by all accounts, became even better when she fell in love with Ali Abulaban. Ali was a young American soldier stationed at the same military base where her father worked.

He was a year older than Ana.

Ali had grown up in the US. He was an extrovert and aspiring artist from a young age. Then he joined the army at fourteen.

It Was Love at First Sight for The Two

Ali and Ana embarked on a passionate whirlwind affair.

Ali, in particular, had a big crush on Ana. He was obsessed. A year later, the two got married. Ali brought Ana to the US, specifically Virginia. Then they had a beautiful daughter.

Ali stated he and Ana lived the American dream. The Abulaban family looked happy from the outside. Theirs was a fairytale romance.

Their daughter was beautiful.

They had many friends.

And they were quite popular among social media influencers.

Ali Was Famous On TIKTOK



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