When a Babysitter Kills a Baby and Takes the Cold Blue-Lipped Body With Her to McDonald’s

The tragic case of Benson Xiong

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Marrissa carried Benson’s lifeless, cold body into a McDonald’s along with her boyfriend.

The two grabbed a bite to eat.

Then, they left the dead baby boy with his mother, Heather, and her sister.

Heather’s sister called 911 the moment she realized Benson was ice cold to the touch and his lips had turned blue.

Dispatcher: Marathon County 911.

Heather’s sister: Please, please, we’re at the laundromat…My sister’s baby is dead. We just picked him up from the babysitter.

He’s freezing cold already.

Benson Was Only Two-Month-Old

Benson Yooj Yim Xiong was a two-month-old baby born to Heather Gardener and Jamie Xiong.

He was a happy baby who smiled most of the time, especially when someone tickled his chin.

Benson lived with his parents in Wisconsin.

Heather usually left her two children, Benson and his older brother, Jaithyn, in the care of their grandmother when she went to work. But the grandmother soon moved to California.

Heather searched for a good babysitter for her children. One of her coworkers recommended Marissa Tietsort.

Marissa was twenty-eight. She came from the same hometown as Heather.

Heather hired Marissa as her babysitter. She began leaving her two children in her care.

Heather felt that Marissa could be trusted, but she was wrong.

Heather Suspected That Marissa Abused Her Children

Heather Lynn Gardner and Benson Xiong — image from nypost.com

Heather noticed scratches in Benson’s mouth after picking him up.

She rushed Benson to the hospital. But the doctors told her that Benson didn’t have any serious injuries.



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