When a Husband Parades His Wife’s Beheaded Head Down The Street

The tragic case of Mona Heydari

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Sajjad Heydari grinning as he carries his wife’s severed head — image from nypost.com

It was in the late afternoon.

The police received a surge of disturbing phone calls.

A man was parading the street holding a knife in his right hand and a bloody severed head in his left. The man smiled, bragged, and happily posed for the cameras.

A news reporter stated,

“Extremely graphic: Gruesome footage has emerged of this Iranian man smiling as he walks along a street clutching the severed head of his seventeen-year-old wife, who was also his cousin after he decapitated her.”

Mona Was Seventeen

Mona Heydari was a seventeen-year-old teenager from Ahvaz, Iran.

She was a beautiful, loving girl.

Mona had a difficult childhood. She never got the chance to be a child or make her own choices.

Her parents married her off to her cousin, Sajjad Heydari, when she was just twelve.

PS. The legal age of marriage in Iran is thirteen for girls and fifteen for boys. But girls younger than thirteen can be given off with approval from their father and a judge.

Mona suffered at the hands of Sajjad. Sajjad beat her, raped her, and drained her emotionally.

Mona and Sajjad welcomed their first child together, a baby boy.

Sajjad’s abuse towards Mona worsened afterward. Mona would return home every time she couldn’t handle the torture.

She confided in her family that she wanted a divorce. But her family didn’t support her idea of divorce because it’s strongly frowned upon by their society.

They always encouraged her to return to her husband and endure for the sake of her son and to avoid disgracing the family.

Mona stayed in her marriage for almost five years.

Mona Turned to the Internet For Solace

Mona Heydari — iranwire.com



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