When a Mother Lays Dead on the Stairs After Her Daughter Started a Dark Blog

The horrendous story of Ashlee Martinson

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Ashlee posted a poem on her blog.

They say one of us is to blame
You’re holding that knife covered in blood
I’m laughing off the pain
Wondering which one of us is guilty if we’re both totally insane

The police received many 911 call attempts afterward.

It would go like this — Dispatcher: 911. What’s your emergency? Then, the caller would hang up.

The police found Ashlee’s mother lying dead on the staircase. She had been stabbed beyond recognition.

Ashlee Was a Seventeen-Year-Old

Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson was a seventeen-year-old teenager born in Kansas, USA.

She was shy, quiet, and a loner.

Ashlee was born to Jennifer and Jeremy Martinson. But her parents soon went their separate ways in 2005. Ashlee was just seven.

Ashlee and Jennifer moved into a trailer home near a sewer plant in Kansas.

Ashlee’s mother couldn’t live without a man in her life. So she invited an old boyfriend, Jerry, to come live with them. Jerry lived with Jennifer and Ashlee for two years.

Ashlee’s mother was happy. But Ashlee wasn’t.

Jerry was an alcoholic and drug abuser who often yelled at Jennifer.

Ashlee Hid Under A Bridge

Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson — image from www.dailymail.co.uk

Ashlee would get scared, leave the house, and hide under a bridge.

Then Jerry began beating and sexually abusing Jennifer in front of Ashlee.

Jerry also tortured and killed animals in front of her.

The police were often called to the trailer. Jerry was arrested many times. But Ashlee’s mother always bailed him out.

Jennifer’s friend intervened.

Ashlee and her mother lived with the friend for a while. Jennifer managed to get a place of their own, and…



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