When a Mother’s Body Was Found in the Freezing Cold While Her Four-Month-Old Alive Baby Lay by Her Side

The tragic case of Bonnie Neighbors

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Bonnie felt very happy and content with her life.

She told her sister,

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, Rachel. I’ve always wanted to have another child, and I’ve always wanted to have a new home.

The Lord has seen fit to give that to me, and I’ve never been this happy in my life.”

Then tragedy struck.

Bonnie was found dead in the freezing cold weather. Her four-month-old baby lay by her side, alive and crying.

Bonnie Was Thirty-Three

Bonnie Faye Wheeler Neighbors was a thirty-three-year-old woman from Benson, North Carolina, USA.

She was a beautiful, loving, and happy person. She was a devout Christian, a mother, and a wife to Kenneth Neighbors.

Bonnie was a secretary for her town’s mayor before she worked for the Chamber of Commerce. Kenneth was an accountant. He worked out of town and often came home on weekends.

Bonnie and Kenneth soon discovered that they were expecting another baby.

The couple welcomed their second son, Arthur Glenn, in 1972.

Bonnie Had to Pick Up Her Son From School

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Bonnie left home to pick up her seven-year-old son from school on December 14th, 1972. She took her four-month-old along with her.

The milkman who was coming by tried to talk to Bonnie. But Bonnie drove fast past him.

The milkman noticed that Bonnie wasn’t headed in the direction of the school.

Bonnie’s husband received a call later that day from his father telling him that Bonnie didn’t pick up their son from school.

Bonnie’s car was found dumped by a roadside the next morning.



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