When the Daughter Gets Buried While Still Alive by Her Former Boyfriend

The tragic case of Jasmeen Kaur

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Jasmeen was filled with a feeling of horror as her former boyfriend used a shovel to dig up the ground.

Then Jasmeen felt chills down her spine when her ex threw her inside the hole.

He began to fill it up.

“Student nurse Jasmeen Kaur was in the prime of her life but died in the most horrific and cruel manner. Buried alive while she was conscious.

Jasmeen inhaled and swallowed soil that went as far as her lower esophagus.” — A news reporter stated.

Jasmeen Was Twenty-One

Jasmeen Kaur was a twenty-one-year-old woman from Adelaide, Australia.

She was beautiful, sweet, and kind.

Jasmeen was originally from India. She had moved to Adelaide with her family. She enrolled in a nursing degree at the University of South Australia and worked at Southern Cross Care aged home in North Plympton.

Jasmeen then met Tarikjot Singh.

Singh was twenty-three. He had moved from India to Australia to study computer science at the same university as Jasmeen.

Jasmeen and Singh bonded over their common cultures and nationalities. Then, the two started dating.

Jasmeen and Singh Soon Broke up

Jasmeen Kaur and Tarikjot Singh — image from www.abc.net.au

Jasmeen and Singh’s relationship didn’t make it past nine months.

Their relationship had become intense in a short period of time.

Jasmeen told her family how Singh had developed strong feelings for her. But Jasmeen didn’t feel the same way.

Singh realized that Jasmeen didn’t love him as much as he loved her. And he began behaving in strange ways. Singh became very controlling and possessive of Jasmeen.

He asked her who she talked to.

He controlled who she spent time with.



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