When the Half-Blood Brother and Sister Conceive Children Together in an Incest Addiction

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Sarah and Brandon feared the authorities would find out about their six children born out of incest.

So they decided to kill all their children before they were taken away from them.

“Brandon is the dad to all the kids. The pills didn’t work, so he’s had me kill Tristan, and he’s killed Blake.

I’m sitting here with the other three. He’s going to kill them, then me.” — Sarah wrote.

Sarah Was Thirty-Five Years Old

Sarah Barrass was a thirty-five-year-old mother who lived with her six children in Shiregreen, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Sarah’s mother often neglected her when she was young. Her teenage years were filled with moving from one foster home to another.

Different men sexually abused her during that time.

Sarah’s half-brother, Brandon Machin, also suffered the same fate at the hands of their mother. Brandon was four years older than Sarah.

Sarah and Brandon were separated when Brandon was removed from their mother’s care at fourteen. Brandon bounced from foster home to foster home.

But the siblings found a way to reconnect with each other.

Sarah and Brandon Found Solace in Each Other

Sarah Barrass and Brandon Machin — image from examinerlive.co.uk

Sarah and Brandon bonded over their shared trauma.

The siblings got too close to each other. And their relationship turned into a full-blown sexual romance.

The siblings also shared things in common.

They both loved binge-watching horror movies. They both possessed sick fantasies of cruelty, killing things, and causing pain. Sarah and Brandon went around the house killing pet mice as children.

Brandon moved from the foster system into his own independent home by eighteen. He…



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