When the Wife Went House-Sitting at Night, Her Decomposing Body Wedged on A Log

The tragic case of Katrina Smith

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An off-duty fireman noticed something strange.

A pale-looking human body lodged on a log as he was fishing on the Rock River. It was a badly decomposed body of Katrina.

Katrina’s husband had called the police a few weeks prior after his wife failed to return home from a house-sitting job.

Dispatcher: Sheriff’s communications, can I help you?

Todd: My wife is house-sitting for somebody who’s out of town, and I haven’t been able to reach her on the phone.

Katrina Was a Thirty-Year-Old

Katrina Ashley Smith was a thirty-year-old woman born in Wisconsin, USA.

She was a beautiful, warm-hearted person.

She loved working with children and volunteering in her community. Katrina also loved getting together with her family and loved ones. She really enjoyed gardening and a good vacation by the water.

Katrina grew up and attended school in Illinois.

And when she was in her twenties, she met Todd Smith. Todd was fourteen years older than Katrina. But the age difference didn’t stop the two from falling in love.

Todd had three grown girls of his own from his previous marriage. He worked as an insurance and investment broker.

Todd and Katrina tied the knot in 2005.

Katrina loved Todd and her three stepdaughters to bits. But Katrina and Todd’s marriage soon took a turn for the worse.

Todd became insecure about their age difference. Katrina was clearly unhappy. Then came the financial problems. Todd’s career wasn’t doing well, and Katrina had to carry the financial burden on her own.

Katrina Found Solace in a Coworker

Katrina Smith and Todd Smith — image from abcnews.go.com

Katrina confided in one of her coworkers, Guy Gabriel.



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