When the Wife’s Mutilated Torso Was Found in the Garage and Her Head in The Snow

The tragic case of Tara Grant

Lioness Rue


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It was late in the day when the police arrived at Tara’s home.

They made their way into the garage. There was a green plastic tote with the words boys’ clothes written on it.

Inside, there was part of what remained of Tara, her torso from her neck to her thighs, dressed in a bra and part of her slacks.

Tara’s head was found hidden in the snow.

“I cut Tara’s hands off, and the next joint and the same with her legs, and I kept cutting her.” Tara’s killer stated.

Tara Was Thirty-Four Years Old

Tara Lynn Grant was a thirty-four-year-old woman from Michigan, USA.

She was a beautiful and intelligent girl from a small town. She grew up on a farm with her parents and her sister.

But Tara had big dreams.

Tara was athletic and a straight-A student. She played in her school band and basketball and was a cheerleader.

She studied business and marketing at a community college, and then she went to Michigan State University.

Tara then met Stephen Grant at a party. Stephen was the complete opposite of Tara. He was a college dropout who often exaggerated and lied about everything.

Stephen was also awkward and unpopular amongst his peers, and he wasn’t the best-looking man.

Stephen was immediately interested in a relationship with Tara. But she turned him down.

Stephen and Tara remained good friends.

Tara then received the news of her grandmother’s death. She flew to Escanaba for the funeral.

Stephen Paid Tara a Surprise Visit

Tara Lynn Grant — image from Wikimedia Commons

Tara was surprised to see Stephen arriving at the funeral to console her.

He had driven all the way, although he’d never met Tara’s grandmother. Plus, he wasn’t Tara’s…



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